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The Ultimate Guide to Swimsuit Slimdown and Beach Body Bikini Bliss

The Ultimate Swimsuit Slimdown is a combination of different weight loss aids designed to give you that bikini body slim transformation. Dr. Oz shares tips on the original show airdate, May 14, 2012, where the audience bravely wears their swimsuits showing all the different body types and problem areas. Learn the slimdown related content that could help you transform your body.  It took me until now to get this published, always so busy!  Sorry about that.

I have the videos below you can watch the entire episode!

The First Step – Making a Choice

Dr. Oz recognized the fact that the audience bravely put on their swimwear to show the world. This is a step in the right direction; however, it takes more than just putting on a swimsuit. Dr. Oz points out that you have a choice.

You can worry about how you look in a swimsuit and hide behind your bikini beach cover, or you can crank up your confidence and do something to fight back by following the Ultimate Swimwear Slimdown simple plan.

Swimsuit Slimdown Guide

There are many different swimsuit slimdown related steps for achieving bikini bliss. The Ultimate Swimsuit Slimdown is for all body types and almost anyone can achieve a bikini body. Although it is a simple plan, it will take motivation and dedication on your part to attain that beach body appearance.

Body Slim Secrets

Secret #1 – Sip Smart

This special blend burns fat. Drink it three times a day before every meal. Simply mix one cup of grapefruit with 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and one teaspoon of honey. The apple cider vinegar contains an acid that ignites the protein in your body that burns and breaks down the fat. That sounds pretty easy right? Anyone can do this and its cheap!

Secret #2 – Eat this Simple Salad

Eat this salad in the middle of the day to satisfy hunger while burning fat. This salad is made of dandelion greens mixed with one cup of cubed watermelon and parsley. The dressing includes a mixture of 2 teaspoons olive oil, ½ teaspoon lemon juice, and salt and pepper for taste.

This simple salad provides many healthy functions. Dandelion contains protein that stimulates bile flow. It also has diuretic properties. The watermelon contains amino acids that also help to build protein and supports the breakdown of fat and sugar while building up muscle mass.

Secret #3 – Fight Cellulite

Fight cellulite using Aminophylline cream twice a day. This cream shrinks fat cells temporarily so they are not as noticeable; however, Dr. Oz makes it clear that there is not a “perfect cure” to fight cellulite.

Secret #4 – Use this Body Sculpting Technique

To achieve the ultimate bikini body, you must spend a little time working out. Grab a beach towel and get into plank pose. Hold for 30 seconds. Work up to one minute.

Metabolism Booster

Increase your calorie burn, decrease body fat, gain lean muscle mass, and lose the belly fat by increasing your metabolism. Slim that waist line much faster by following these diet tips to supercharge your metabolism:

  • Drink 3 cups a day of cold matcha tea. The green tea leaves are ground up to dissolve in water.
  • Eat ¼ cup of papaya with a hard-boiled egg. The papain in the papaya breaks down the protein in your body making you feel full longer and increasing fat burning. Papaya functions better when eaten with protein, thus the hard-boiled egg.
  • Add one tablespoon of Gochujang (Korean hot sauce) to grilled veggies or grilled chicken.

Build up your muscles and burn calories with exercise bands. Step on the band with both feet. Raise your hand to shoulder height and hold for ten seconds. Also, put one foot on the band, hold the ends in both hands, raise your leg up away from your body and then bring across the front of your body.

Ocean Floor Secrets

  • Chitosan –Warning: If you have an allergy to shellfish, do not take. This is a supplement that helps to block fat absorption.
  • DHA – This is a source of algae or fish oil and can reduce inflammation and decrease belly fat.
  • Flounder – This ocean floor secret is high in protein. Eat twice a week.
  • Nori Seaweed – This is used to wrap sushi. It burns calories quickly and comes in pre-packages sheets.

Video Part One of the Swimsuit Slimdown

Part two is at the bottom!

Drinks that Decrease Belly Bloat

  • De-Bloat Mocktail – Mix one cup low-sugar pomegranate juice with one lime, ¼ teaspoon Tabasco and ¼ cup ginger ale.
  • Peppermint Ice – Combine 2 ½ cups lemon juice with 15 peppermint leaves. Pour into ice cube trays and freeze. Add these to a glass of water.
  • Anti-Bloat Chocolate Berry Smoothie – Blend one cup of strawberries, one cup of raspberries, 2 tablespoons dark chocolate chips, one cup of almond milk and one cup of ice.

Miracle Suit

There is such a thing as a miracle suit; however, you will be paying the price for the ultimate swimsuit. The Miraclesuit helps you look like you are ten pounds slimmer. This ultimate swimwear contains 31% more Lycra than traditional swimsuits.

Swimsuit Slimdown Tips for Problem Areas

Style expert, Rachel Zalis presents swimsuits that will “accentuate your best areas and camouflage your problem areas.” If you have a big belly, choose a one-piece swimsuit that accentuates the bust line. For a large butt and thighs, choose a one-piece swim dress. For a large bust area, do not get a triangle bikini top, choose a one-piece with a built in bra for lift and support.

Follow this Ultimate Swimsuit Slimdown guide and be ready to show off your beach body.

Video Part 2 Of the Swimsuit Slimdown!

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