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RushFit Review with Comparison Chart – Which Mixed Martial Arts Workout is Best for you?

Georges St. Pierre RushfitAs a fitness writer, I come across many interesting home workout programs that produce extreme fitness results. I came across RushFit during a comparison review of other home inspired extreme workouts.

RushFit, by MMA UFC champion Georges St Pierre, with his trainer Erik Owings, caught my attention because I love the way he fights and its unique mixed martial arts style full body exercises. I knew my son would enjoy these types of exercises, fighting techniques combined with high intensity circuits, especially since he did not need any prior training experience. This MMA training program review is designed to give you the facts to help you determine which marital arts style training program will give you the best possible results.

Features at a Glance



Tapout XT

Bas Rutten MMA System Workout


Type of Program Mixed Martial Arts Mixed Martial Arts Mixed Martial Arts Mixed Martial Arts
Producer / Fighters
Georges St-Pierre Mike Karpenko Bas Rutten Ken Pytluk
Program Duration 8 Weeks 90 Days Continual 12 Weeks
# of Workouts (DVDs)
7, 4 DVDs
12 4 CDs, 1 DVD 12
Meal Plan Yes Yes No Yes
Workout Calendar Yes Yes No Yes
Equipment Required Dumbbells Resistance and Training Band Heavy Bag **See Below
Price $89.97 (free s/h) $119.85 (+s/h) $59.95 (+s/h) $59.99 (+s/h)
Money Back Guarantee 60 Days 90 Days None 90 Days

**Equipment for ESP-XC – Bands or Dumbbells, Chin Up Bar, Aerobic Step or Chair, Mat, Medicine Ball, Broomstick, Fit Ball, and Barrier

Comparison Basics for All Four Workouts

During my research, I found a variety of workouts similar to RushFit. I chose the following three to compare because they seemed to have decent reviews and were spoken highly of in many of the different martial arts forums on the Internet.

RushFit and Tapout XT seem to be the most popular;however, ESP-XC and Bas Rutten MMA have many followers, as well. I think the biggest difference between these workouts is the equipment used to perform the full body exercises.

You will need a heavy bag to get the best possible results from the Bas Rutten MMA workout program. The ESP-XC program requires quite a bit of equipment, which can increase the price of the workout program significantly if you do not own some of it. The equipment necessary for RushFit and Tapout XT is inexpensive, yet effective.

All four target core strength and stability. They are all designed to increase overall strength (muscles), improve endurance, increase explosiveness, and build muscle definition. While all fitness programs are based on the concept of mixed martial arts, they all have different formats and schedules to follow. I personally prefer this to the gym or sports and recently started.  I find it highly challenging and the benefits make this almost a no brainer to order. Ready to get started? Lets go!

TAPOUT XT Extreme TrainerRushFit Compared to Tapout XT

These two are pretty similar in their approach. However, there are some differences. It appears that while RushFit is a marital arts workout, the exercises included are not based solely on MMA techniques.

The exercises are designed to increase productiveness for MMA trainers, not teach MMA style exercises. However, some of the workouts will teach you a few moves. Tapout XT, on the other hand, does provide more of a MMA workout fighting routine that will actually help you learn foundational mixed martial arts movements.

Tapout XT is an all inclusive program. It does not allow time for any other programs. Therefore, if you enjoy running or swimming, you will not be able to continue these forms of exercise without risking over-training of your body.

RushFit allows for cardio supplementation. Although it does provide an all inclusive schedule for those who want to strictly follow the program, it also allows you to choose whether to use their cardio programs or choose your favorite cardio activity.

bas rutten mma workoutRushFit Compared to Bas Rutten MMA System Workout

These two are quite different in their equipment and formats. RushFit uses dumbbells, while Bas Rutten uses a heavy bag. This in itself produces an entirely different fitness program. Other than the equipment used, the most significant difference is the usage of CDs in the Bas Rutten program. Instead of watching a DVD, you will be working out to pretty straightforward commands thrown at you from a CD. There is an instruction manual DVD provided with the training program.

Is listening better than watching? This is something only you can decide. Many Bas Rutten fans seem to think it is more productive because you are more in tune with your own body, rather than focusing on the person on the screen. Others prefer to see how exercises are performed in DVD format. Once you learn the program, you can perform without paying as much attention to the TV.

The audio routines allow you to choose the type of workout you want to perform. While its underlying concept is mixed martial arts, there are different aspects of MMA for each CD. You can choose to do a workout that contains boxing or kickboxing or one specifically centered on MMA. Bas Rutten throws out different punching, kicking combinations that help to perfect your striking abilities. They are two to three minute workouts with one minute breaks.
RushFit consists of five minute rounds with a 60 second recovery period in between five high intensity circuits. There is a variety of exercises; however, not too many to prevent feeling overwhelmed. These five minute high intensity circuits designed for a full body workout also dramatically increase endurance.

esp xc mma workoutRushFit Compared to ESP-XC

Both of these seem to be solid programs based on mixed marital arts. ESP-XC uses MAX Periodization, which involves cycling through different phases over 12 weeks. It is a three phase program: Endurance, Strength, and Power.

RushFit has a Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced workout calendar. While the exercises are the same, the intensity levels are designed to accommodate new comers, as well as challenge you to push for that next intensity level.

ESP-XC requires much more equipment than RushFit. While RushFit does cost approximately $30 more than ESP-XC, you may have to purchase more equipment. It seems to me that although ESP-XC seems to be an effective training course, you can get the same results in less time and with less equipment if you purchase RushFit.

Here is one of the Rushfit videos you may want to watch from Youtube.

Bottom Line

If you want an inexpensive, very basic mixed martial arts workout, then go with the Bas Rutten MMA System Workout. This is the least expensive of all four workout programs; however, it does have high reviews. Remember, you will be listening to audio routines; however, many people enjoy this because they can upload it to their MP3 player and exercise in the garage or wherever their heavy bag is located. This exercise training course does not provide a nutrition plan, which is essential for weight loss and ultimate nutritional health.

If you already have the equipment and want a little higher quality program similar in price to the Bas Rutten program, then the ESP-XC could be an option. I wouldn’t recommend it; however, if you have to purchase all of the equipment. It does provide a nutrition plan and a fitness plan that runs for 12 weeks.

Tapout XT is a little more expensive than all of the programs; however, it appears to be more popular than the Bas Rutten and ESP-XC. There is more of a focus on the MMA fighting techniques. Tapout XT provides a nutrition plan, as well as a jump start plan that claims you can lose up to ten pounds and ten inches in ten days. The nutrition plan is a little more detailed than the RushFit plan, so if you have weight loss goals and need specific recipes, then Tapout XT might be a better choice for you.

If you want to see quicker results and only need a bit of guidance for nutrition, then RushFit may be right for you. It is less expensive than Tapout XT and does not require a large investment for equipment. Probably one of the best features other than the actual workout program is the duration of the program.

While many reviewers love the fact that it was only 8 weeks long, many were concerned it could not produce the results. According to the martial arts forums and countless reviews, it is extreme right from the beginning producing dramatic results. Which fitness program will be your favorite workout? All appear to be excellent programs. Your individual needs and preferences will be the deciding factors. Good luck to you and here is…


I decided to go with RushFit and I am really excited to begin doing interval training like GSP does. Training can be very complex and I hope by incorporating this as my main regimen I can avoid any injury issues especially with the flexibility based cool down. I like that this program emphasizes metabolic stress in high intensity plyo workouts from these DVDs: strength and endurance workout; abdominal strength & core conditioning; the fight conditioning workouts; explosive power training; full body strength & conditioning; and two bonus rushfit gsp workouts. The guaranteed money back makes it an easier choice as well, not to mention a nutrition guideline for those who need it.


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  1. Amoux 18 August 2012 at 10:46 am Permalink

    I did buy rushfit. I learned creator GSP uses 25-30 lb weights and this is what I use as of today as the 20 pound dumbbells were too light. I am doing the complete program and at only 45 minutes a day for 8 weeks (I am on week 4) it is great. The nutrition guidelines were great on listing food choices as well as pre and post workout fueling. I am doing the intermediate program and when done plan on stepping up for another 8 weeks!

    • admin 20 August 2012 at 6:25 pm Permalink

      Hi Amoux,

      Thanks for your post and glad you mentioned the weights you use. Please let us know how your first 8 and second 8 weeks go!

  2. Joan 20 August 2012 at 6:22 pm Permalink

    I like your comparison a lot but no mention about how is rushfit for women? I am quite interested but not much mentioned on this anywhere I look.

    • admin 20 August 2012 at 6:30 pm Permalink

      Hi Joan,

      So glad you asked and you are right! So here is some information on Rushfit for women:

      The short 5 round five minute rushfit workouts are designed to strengthen your lean muscle msss. It is designed with explosive moves and compound workout routines that really get your heart rate level up there and keep it high. You will gain little in your overall dimensions but you will get ripped and have muscle definition.

      The body circuits and compound movements are massive calorie burning, fat shredding exercises, not really designed to bulk up. You need low repetition high weights to do that, aka bodybuilding.

      Still not convinced? :) How about the original member Victoria that is in the RUSHFIT videos. Look at her body.

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