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Is The Blueprint Cleanse Delivery System Worth Trying?

blueprint cleanseI came across Blue Print Cleanse on a Real Housewives of New Jersey Twitter Tweet . Jacqueline Laurita, star of Real Housewives of New Jersey, tweeted about her experience with this natural detox cleanse. Her husband, Chris, and daughter, Ashlee, gave it a try, as well.

This prompted me to look further into this juice cleanse delivery system to see if it would be something I would be interested in trying. Lately, I have been feeling sluggish all of the time. I have been getting enough sleep; however, I just do not feel like I have enough energy to be as productive as I need to be.

Why Cleanse?

I really never thought about cleansing my system. However, when I read about this detox cleanse and how it produced great results, I realized a cleanse diet made sense. We take advantage that our body will just work the way it is supposed to without any maintenance. However, I learned the actions I take can affect my health significantly.

We all know that smoking can cause serious harm to your lungs resulting in serious diseases, such as lung cancer. If you choose to smoke, you choose to increase your risk. Your digestive system consists of many organs. Believe it or not, the foods you choose to eat can cause serious health issues, such as stomach cancer or Celiac disease.

Your digestive tract digests, processes food, and eliminates waste. While your body is self-cleaning and self-healing, you will sometimes need to take steps to cleanse your system due to poor diet or certain illnesses. A body cleanse is especially necessary if you consume high amounts of highly processed foods and unhealthy drinks.

I became convinced that I needed to consider a juice fast to maintain my digestive health. I definitely fall into the category of eating highly processed foods and unhealthy drinks. Cookies, cheese crackers, and candy bars…oh my! Let’s not forget my Cherry Pepsi!

It was definitely time for a change, but can I actually follow a cleanse delivery program? Can I really dedicate myself to a juice fast for three or even five days? At this point, I knew I had to make that change but was not sure I could commit myself to this natural detox process.

The Blueprint Diet Process

The detox diet process is simple, yet demanding.

Step One – Pre- Cleanse

It is suggested you stop eating meat, dairy, starchy carbs, and caffeine a few days before starting the juice cleanse delivery system. What? No Cherry Pepsi? All right, I expected it and then accepted it. I decided that if I wanted to feel better, I had to make the difficult changes.

Step Two – The Blueprint Cleanse

There are three cleanse delivery programs offered: Renovation, Foundation, Excavation. Each delivery program contains 6 juice bottles per day with the option of purchasing 1, 3, or 5 days or unlimited month supply. Within these cleanse delivery programs there are five different types of juices. These include:

  • Green Juice (romaine, celery, cucumber, green apple, spinach, parsley, kale, lemon)
  • P.A.M. (pineapple, apple, mint, filtered water)
  • Spicy Lemonade (lemon, cayenne, agave nectar, filtered water)
  • Cashew Nut Milk (cashew nut milk, vanilla, cinnamon, agave nectar)
  • C.A.B. (carrots, apples, beets)

The delivery programs are different levels. Renovation is the beginner level. There is more of a variety. However, there are fewer Green Juice bottles, which is the most potent juice. Foundation is the intermediate level, which includes three bottles of Green Juice. Excavation contains four bottles of Green Juice and is considered to be the best juice due to its potency.

If I do decide to try this natural detox, I will definitely choose cleanse Renovation. Less green for me is better!

Step Three – Post Cleanse

The post cleanse is the best part of the process. You get to start adding food back into your diet. It starts by adding back in watery fruits and vegetables for a few days. It is important to pay close attention to the foods you eat after your natural detox so that you do not go back to feeling the way you did before you started the cleanse.

I liked this video I found that was from the TV show the View.  Check it out.

Why Blue Print Cleanse?

There are a lot of different cleanse delivery programs on the market. I have not seen any other body cleanse reviews at this point; however, I did find out that what supposedly makes this the best juice fast is its hydraulic process.

This process actually extracts the best part of each plant to create a highly potent formula that allows the nutrients to be delivered straight to your blood stream to feed your cells in minutes. I am not sure if other juices use this extraction process; however, it does appear to make a difference in the quality of the drink.

My Decision

The possible health benefits for this drink are significant in helping me feel better. It is supposed to be able to boost my metabolism, enhance my immune system, reverse signs of aging, improve my mood, regularize my weight, increase my energy, and improve thyroid function. All of these are definitely a plus in my book. I am a little concerned on the thyroid function because I have a thyroid condition. I will have to talk to my doctor before making a decision.

Some other things I still have to consider are the taste and the cost of this juice cleanse delivery system. There are conflicting consumer reviews on the taste; however, I would assume they aren’t the best tasting juices available considering they are made from potent ingredients. Because I would only be doing this for a few days, I think taste is not the deciding factor.

The cost is definitely a factor for me. It costs about $65 a day. I would definitely have to save the money for this natural detox; however, it is possible. When you consider the cleanse delivery process, the 20 pounds of fresh fruit, the convenience of it being shipped fresh each day, the price is justified.

I haven’t made a firm decision at this point. I still need to talk to my doctor. I hope this cleanse review gave you enough information to decide if this is something you can do or not. If anything, I have learned that I do need to take charge of my health. Blue Print Cleanse does seem to have what it takes to help me lose weight and improve my health through natural detox.

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