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Is Green Coffee Bean Extract Really Helping People Shed Pounds?

I was so excited to see the results of the green coffee bean extract project on the September 10, 2012 Dr. Oz show. What is so popular about this particular weight loss supplement? I think the fact that you are supposed to be able to consume this natural supplement without changing your diet or increasing exercise is a definite plus for this proven weight control product.

Difference between Coffee and the Extract

For those of you who like coffee, you may be thinking all you have to do is drink a cup of it and you will see results. Sorry, but this is not the case! I’m okay with that particularly because I cannot stand the taste of it. I do agree that it smells wonderful.

green coffee beanWhen they are in their purest form, coffee beans are green seeds found within a red berry. To create the extract, they are soaked and concentrated straight from the plant. Once they are roasted, they turn brown and the natural substance found in this extract decreases depleting the fat burning chemical that makes this supplement so effective. Chlorogenic acid is the fat burning secret in this coffee extract. This natural compound blocks fat accumulation and hinders carb absorption.

The Dr. Oz Challenge Weight Loss Truth

For two weeks, 100 women ages 35 to 49 were placed into a placebo group or the bean extract group. None of these women had known medical issues and none of them were pregnant. The group was asked to simply log what they ate, but not to change their normal diet and fitness routines.

The group taking the natural weight loss product lost a total of 82 pounds, while the group taking the placebo lost 41.5 pounds. This is a total weight loss of 123.5 pounds. It is interesting how the placebo group ended up losing weight without making any changes.

According to Dr. Oz, the “placebo effect” and food log played a large role in these results. The placebo effect basically means that these people believed they were taking the extract; therefore, their bodies and actions produced results. I am actually amazed at the different stories I have read during my research about the placebo effect.

I truly believe in the food log. The food log forces you to account for every single bite you are putting into your mouth. Of course, that is only if you are being honest and not cheating by simply forgetting to write down that one little cookie you ate! I know it is effective because it worked for me!

Supplement Health Benefits

Chlorogenic acid also has other possible health benefits, as well. It appears that this natural compound can actually have a positive impact on cardiovascular health. Green coffee beans have been shown to hinder lipid and LDL degradation by neutralizing free radicals and regenerating vitamin E. This helps to treat hypertension.

Chlorogenic acid can inhibit oxidation of LDL, which can damage your arteries and increase the risk of atherosclerosis. It can also help to maintain healthy blood sugar levels and decrease the risk for Type 2 Diabetes by reducing blood glucose levels.

What to Look before you Buy

When natural health products become popular, manufacturers make sure they take advantage of this popularity. While there are many companies that will provide healthy weight control products, there are many that will abuse their role and produce low quality capsules.

While Dr. Oz does not promote or endorse any particular product, he does offer advice on what to look for on the labels and ingredients. Capsules should contain at minimum 45% chlorogenic acid. A higher percentage is better, but do not settle for any less. Pay attention to the other ingredients. There should be zero fillers, binders, and artificial ingredients.

Final Thoughts

I have to say it would be amazing if I could actually lose weight by taking a supplement and still continue eating what I want without exercising. Although this has been clinically proven to burn fat, it does not provide absolute nutrition.

In order to achieve optimal health, a healthy diet and fitness program is highly recommended. With that said, I think the only way you can tell if this will work for you is to simply give it a try. Don’t forget to contact your doctor before you take this or any new product, especially if you have any existing health conditions. I hope it works for you!

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