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Our Bas Rutten Workout Review Explains How This Intense Cardio Conditioning MMA Workout Is Unique

bas rutten mma workout dvdsI decided to check into the Bas Rutten MMA Workout program after the overwhelming response to my Tapout XT and GSP RushFit reviews. It appears that mixed martial arts style workouts are increasing in popularity. The challenge of mastering MMA training along with strength training exercises and cardio conditioning rounds has captured the attention of men and women alike.

My biggest complaint of this workout is it is mostly just Audio (CDs).  Not sure why he went this route?

Program Contents

  • 4 Audio Compact Discs
  • 1 Instructional DVD
  • 1 Instruction Manual

How is it Unique?

MMA legend and official UFC Heavyweight Champion, Bas Rutten, created an extreme workout plan that has been used by MMA fighters to enhance strength, improve endurance, and build muscle. This fighter approved exercise program is unique in the instruction of these training exercises.

Instead of watching fitness DVDs, you will be listening to audio CDs. Once you learn the moves, listening to the CDs will allow you to focus on your form and specifically on the combinations the instructor is throwing out rather than directing your attention to the television.

Program Description

While you do not need a lot of equipment, you will need a heavy bag or focus pads. However, if you do not have either one, shadowboxing will still provide a good workout. The program comes with an instructional DVD to show you exactly how to perform the core workout exercises. These workout routines can be downloaded onto your MP3 for easier access.

There are four CDs included with this intense cardio training program. These include:

  1. Boxing – This CD consists of various combinations of boxing techniques.
  2. Thai Boxing – This is the kickboxing workout.
  3. All-round Fighting – This CD includes boxing and kickboxing plus adds in sprawls and ground moves.
  4. All-round Workout – This workout is a combination of the above three plus adds a variety of exercises including situps, pushups, mountain climbers, lunges,and more.

It is important that you not only focus on form, but also on power. You need to work hard at every single punch/kick combination in order to achieve optimal results. This workout program provides two different versions for each individual routine. You can choose between ten 2-minute rounds or seven 3-minute rounds. The workouts are approximately 30 minutes long.

Who can Participate?

These mixed martial arts workout routines are designed for men and women at any fitness level. You can perform these training exercises whether you are at a beginner, intermediate, or advanced level of fitness. For those at a beginner level, simply begin slow and build up endurance through practice.

For those at an advanced level of fitness, simply ensure you are honestly giving 100% with each punch and kick. You should literally be pushing yourself past your limits. However, you should not be pushing so hard that you suffer from extreme pain.

If you have joint or back pain, talk to your doctor first. I have arthritis in my hip. My doctor recommends moderate exercise. If I were to try this MMA workout, I would probably start off at the beginner level to see how much my hip could handle and then increase over time. Sometimes my joints become inflamed causing severe pain. When this happens, I usually stop working out for a couple of days and then return back to it. Before you begin this or any new workout, contact your doctor.

Benefits for MMA Style Workouts

  • Improves cardiovascular health
  • Increases weight loss
  • Increases muscle tone
  • Improves reflexes
  • Improves mood
  • Enhances stamina
  • Increases speed
  • Improves coordination
  • Increases power

Final Thoughts

There are many high reviews for this exercise program. I really like that I can fit in an intense cardio workout in just 30 minutes a day. The challenge of learning mixed martial arts techniques combined with cardio and strength training exercises is exciting. The concept of listening to CDs instead of watching fitness DVDs is interesting. I like the fact that I can download it to my MP3 player. The cost is $59.95 plus s/h. There is no money back guarantee.

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2 Responses to “Our Bas Rutten Workout Review Explains How This Intense Cardio Conditioning MMA Workout Is Unique”

  1. John 25 September 2012 at 5:23 pm Permalink

    I am making better progress on the Bas program then my friends who follow P90X
    and TapoutXT. I have simply added a full body strength workout 1-2 days
    per week. Also, I can still do some self-defense drills after any of the Bas
    workouts. Last, I have been able to maintain good sparring/fighting CardioX
    without any sparring. On two occasions where I did spar a golden gloves champ and
    a kickboxer I went 3 good rounds without getting tired thanks to this program.
    BTW…I’m 50!

    • admin 26 September 2012 at 9:12 am Permalink

      Hi John,

      Thanks for sharing! How did you find the workouts just going from an audio CD? That was my main beef. But BAS is a freak and moves at a frantic pace doesn’t he!?

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